“We, and I certainly at least, are not a hardcore raid guild, but what does that mean? I thought it meant a more relaxed schedule so we could actually have a life, and role play, do normal group stuff on non raid nights, you know...have fun. But that doesn’t mean that on the non-hardcore schedule of raids that we show up to, that we can't be totally serious, even dare I say, "hardcore" in our attitude of how good we will be and perform? So I'd say that we are, and should be a non-hardcore schedule raid group, but that we are pretty hardcore about performance on those nights that we do show up.” 


-The Ratgod, Mozzy

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Irdul the Glacier

by Meadbh, 20 days ago

Irdul the Glacier  - DEAD



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by Meadbh, 21 days ago

We are currently recruiting a geared full-time Tank, Wizard and Scout DPS.    If interested, please contact Meadbh, Aliehn, Barx or Ssiril for more information.

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